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Pre Fabricated Tops
Whether you are looking for a cost effective option to custm slab or wanting to do it yourself, we have options for you.  Buy just the material, material and fabrication, or full package whic includes materil, fabrication and installation.  We  will taily the project to fit your needs
Pre fabricated deack are available in a variety of sizes to accomidate a multitude of applications.

Standard Deck  98" x26" Finished pre fabricated edge the front and one side

Bar Top  98" x 18" Finished pre fabricated edge on all four sides

Peninsula Top  98" x 36" Finished pre fabricated edge on 3 sides

Island Tops  98" x 42"  Finished pre fabricated edge on four sides

Back Splash  98" x 4" or 98" x 6" Finished on 3 sides

Special Offers....

Natural Stone Pre Fabricated Decks
Starting at $125.00
98" x 26"

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